Add your AWS cloud credentials

Lifebit CloudOS manages your data and pipelines in your AWS cloud environment (support for Azure and Google cloud are coming soon). As Lifebit CloudOS operates as a managed AWS service, it allows you to always keep full control over your data while leveraging all the security and accreditation the cloud providers offer.

Here is a quick guide to create AWS credentials for programmatic access: Login to your AWS console and search for IAM service. Click on the IAM service and add a new User.

Create a new user name (you can give it the name you want) and select the programmatic access option

Before we can get started, we have to give permissions to our new user to access certain services.

Search for ec2full and select the AmazonEC2FullAccess service.

Adding AmazonEC2FullAccess.

Repeat this step for the following services:

  • AmazonVPCFullAccess

  • AmazonS3FullAccess

Once, you have added all four services mentioned above, click next.

All services mentioned above have been added.

Click on Create user, download your credentials.csv file and keep it safe.

Click on show to reveal your secret access key and copy it.

Go back to Lifebit CloudOS and configure your AWS credentials in your Profile Settings under your name

There you go, you have successfully linked your AWS account to Lifebit CloudOS! 🚀